Anna Jarvis just wanted to honor her mother.

Anna Jarvis is recognized as the creator of Mother's Day, which was established because of her efforts to celebrate her mother's life and dedication to her children. After organizing the first Mother's Day celebration in her hometown of Grafton, West Virginia, Jarvis' efforts were officially acknowledged by President Woodrow Wilson when he signed a bill in 1914 recognizing her Mother's Day as an official holiday.

Kendall Trammell of explains that Jarvis became bitter about how commercial Mother's Day became. She protested florists for using her holiday to sell overpriced flower arrangements and even went so far with protesting that she was arrested for public disturbance.

I think most of agree with Jarvis that Mother's Day is about showing our mothers what they mean to us and that what they most want is for us to spend time with them. Time is sometimes more expensive than flowers, but it's what our mom's really want from us and what a lot of us who have lost our moms wish we could still give.

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