From the "how can I save money at the grocery store?" file, I found a list of the 20 best ways to save money (and using coupons is NOT #1!).

I was at NuNu's grocery store in Youngsville the other night, and I found this grocery list in the basket that I was pushing:

Shopping List at NuNu's
I think you would only find a list like this in South Louisiana!!

Obviously, they were planning a 'boil' (probably crawfish, but what do I know??), but did they realize that they may have been saving money just by utilizing a list?

According to an article I read on the website, making a list is #20 on the list of ways to save money at the grocery store.

There are several ideas that I had heard of before (eat before you shop was #19; utilize coupons was #5 on the list) and a few that I had NOT heard!!  For instance, #3 was know what you already have at home, so you don't "double up" on that item!!  (I have 4 bottles of mustard in the pantry, and I use mustard about once a year.....waste much? HA!)  #17 was "Grate Your Own Food", because, obviously, grated carrots and cheeses cost more than whole.

Anyhoot, you'll probably find one or two on this list that can help you save a buck or two on your next trip to your local grocer!

And now, something you probably won't see in South Louisiana:

Here's a picture of a moose in a grocery store. . . I wonder if he had a list? (Reddit)


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