If you want to rev up the fall train, I'm already on board.

Earlier this week I stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up some yarn and give my spirits a life like only Hobby Lobby can do. I absolutely love this store and I can spend hours just kicking around the aisles daydreaming about what project I can jump on next. Currently I'm crocheting a throw blanket for our couch. At my pace, this will be ready just in time for the cooler fall months.

Which, to my surprise is exactly what Hobby Lobby is preparing for too!

Yep. As soon as I walked into the store, I could feel autumn and see many items already making their way to the shelves. Even though I know that preparing ahead of time for a season or holiday is normal, I still found it odd. Especially since we just started the summer season today (June 21). It just felt a tad early. Now, keep in mind, I said it is odd... I didn't say I was upset or complaining. After all, fall is my favorite season so I'm a happy camper.

Of course, I understand that Hobby Lobby will keep many items around on certain aisles no matter what season it is, but this was different. There was a warm glow from all of the faux fall foliage, there were pumpkins and leaves on the walls, and the summer-ish decorations and candles are already being marked down. I even found myself gravitating to the warm, spicy candle scents.

It was actually quite difficult to not load up my cart.

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