Before you use one of those fancy wedding hashtag generators, take a look at this.

A guy by the name of Tyler Dick was excited to start planning his wedding with his new fiancée Allison. Before booking a venue, caterer, or any other wedding-related service they had to come up with their hashtag.

This is a very common thing for newly engaged couples, as it helps to keep things organized—from photos before, during, and after the wedding along with just about anything that friends and family will post online. Tyler and Allison decided to throw their info into one of those fancy name generators and the results were nothing less than hilarious.

As you could imagine, the couple couldn't stop laughing at the "unintentionally comedic hashtags."

I got the idea of using a name generator after I heard that Post Malone (we are huge fans) got his name from one. Once I read the hashtags, my first thought was that I had to share them with my friends. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long long time. Honestly, I don’t make many posts on social media but I thought it would be easier than sending out a bunch of text messages. It was after the initial post that my cousin (also a Dick) said I should make it public.

Their post was a hit, with comments and shares both soaring over 20,000.

Allison and I knew it was funny but didn’t expect it to spread as it did. We are glad that we gave everyone a good laugh. We had fun reading the comments and interacting with people.

Their wedding will happen on September 5, 2020 in Wichita, KS and we can't wait to see which hashtag they go with.

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