Biden rolled out his plan for more coronavirus relief, but when can you expect your money?

The President-elect unveiled his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan which will include $1,400 stimulus checks for most Americans. This, combined with the recent $600 payments, will get to a total of $2,000 that has been called on by both Biden and Trump.

With Biden in office and the Democrats having control of Congress, there is a solid chance we see this plan passing but we may have to wait a little longer to receive the money. While there is a chance for us to see a "one-off bill" that will focus solely on the stimulus checks, we are more likely to see the payments as a part of a multi-layered deal that includes a boost in minimum wage along with other credits and expansions for American workers and families with children.

So when do we see the money?

You can dig into all the details here, but before any discussions can take place, Joe Biden has to take office. Then, anytime we're talking an amount like 2 TRILLION DOLLARS, it will (understandably) take at least a couple of weeks to chat about it. Also, Georgia still needs to be certified before Democrats officially have control of the house.

So, with all that said, if everything is fast-tracked the earliest we could possibly see the proposed $1,400 payments is early February.

If there is any good news here, it's that once approved, the government has done a pretty decent job of rolling out the payments to Americans thus far.

We are talking government here, so there are plenty of things that could easily further delay payment (i.e. impeachment, debates, discussions, insurrections) so at this point, we're still in "wait and see" mode but will watch things closely and let you know what we hear.

In the meantime, check out more details on the full $1.9 trillion package proposed by President-elect Biden from our KPEL news team.

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