So you went a little crazy and bought way more fireworks for the 4th of July than you could have possibly needed. Don't worry, we got ya covered...

Unfortunately, you can't recycle them. However, has some great information and ideas for that stockpiled arsenal of freedom.

Store them in a cool, dry place. Fireworks actually last for a very long time. Make sure you don't keep them next to lighter fluid or other flammable materials.

Save them for the next win by a local team. The next big win by your 5-year-old nephew's soccer team? Pop off a couple in celebration! Actually, not really a great idea and illegal but...

Soak them in water and then put them in the trash. If you want to make certain your leftover fireworks won't cause any problems, just soak them all in water for an hour and put them in the trash.

Don't just blow them all up at once. If you live out in the country, maybe this could be an option but still not advisable.

As mentioned above, you can definitely save your leftover fireworks for New Year's Eve, just make certain you have them stored away safely.

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