It's hard to pull off an elaborate crime these days with all the various forms of technology we have at our disposal. An airline subcontractor learned the hard way when he was arrested for stealing over $16,000 worth of items from luggage in Florida.

All of this was possible through the use of an Apple Airtag.

19-year-old Giovanni de Luca was arrested and charged with two counts of grand theft after police recovered the stolen luggage at his home.

A woman reported her luggage never made it to its' intended destination, and the items inside were worth around $1,600. She told police she had an Airtag inside the luggage, and it was pinging her phone telling her the location of the bag, down to the street in Florida.

Authorities cross-referenced the location with the list of airline employees at the Fort Walton Beach airport where the woman flew into and found Giovanni's home address. After searching the home, they found other bags from a man who reported his things missing. The items in his bag were valued at around $15,000.

The woman's luggage was never found. Just the Airtag.

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