Well, we're down to the final five listeners. Someone will win a free AC system from Aire Serv, but we need your help, please read the short stories below and vote for the person you'd like to see win.

Finalist 1: I am disabled raising two grandsons on my husband s wages My husband inherited the home we are living in. It has central heat but not air. My husband's job is in the oilfield which as we in Acadiana know is down. I guess we are lucky to have enough money to eat some days. We are even having to be as much as three months late on the family car because of the oilfield so we were not able to put money into the home. Please help us.

Finalist 2: My husband and I have two children, 17 and 4 and desperately are in need of a new AC unit. After 15yrs of renting, each going through a divorce, each suffering a layoff and numerous years of trying, we were finally approved for a home last summer. We were ecstatic until that dreadful day our first electric bill came in. Our budget did not include accompanying an electric bill 5x of what we were used to paying. Our electric bill was over the amount we were renting for. After speaking to the AC guy that serviced this house before our purchase, we found out that the unit in our new home leaks freon and this freon is no longer available. He told us the best we could do was to run our unit on as warm as we could stand it and we might make it until this summer before needing a new one. Thank goodness it was only a couple months last year of suffering in a hot house, but now am worried how we will make it this year and here on out with these scorching summers here. I work two jobs and my husband works as much OT as he can, but a new AC is completely out of our budget. We are now at a point that we may have to part with our new home that we've prayed so long for so that we are not without an AC. Please help us.

Finalist 3: I am the mother of 3 amazing boys. Our newest is only 7 weeks old. When he was born he had to have emergency surgery at only 2 days old then started to have seizures due to a brain injury. Our home a.c. system had been giving problems the last few months and we have had to spend so much on it. It is old and we have been told we need to replace. Now we have so many bills with our sweet newborn buying a new unit our selves is out of the question. This would be an amazing gift for our family or for anyone lucky enough to receive! Thank you for the opportunity to tell our story and God bless you for doing this for a family.

Finalist 4: My family has been living in Lafayette now for two years, we moved into a lovely neighborhood and enjoy our community. The home that we bought was built in the late '60s and boasts the same air unit and air ducts original to the house. As a family of five, my husband and I work full time to provide for our family; he as an environmental specialist and I was a high school teacher. Our oldest daughter, who is nearly 4 years old was born with Down Syndrome and has related respiratory issues that accompany her diagnosis. She is currently on a twice-daily inhaler and continues to have issues with repository flare-ups. We moved into Lafayette to benefit from the many services the community has to offer. We have found a loving community that has helped us reach so many milestones with our daughter and love where we live. However; it is known that a cause of her ailments is partly due to environmental issues, namely the outdated system in our home. It would be such a blessing to be chosen to receive this HVAC unit and it would greatly impact our daughter's quality of life and that of the entire family.

Finalist 5: I am writing in for my mother. She is a 63-year-old widow. I have heard her talk about wishing she had central air and heat for years and years. Her little home was purchased 30 years ago and although it is incredibly old she absolutely loves it, but she could never afford to upgrade to better ac. She even says that if she ever won the lottery that's the first thing she would purchase instead of a new home. My mother goes above and beyond for myself, my daughter, and anyone who needs help. I think she is well deserving of this. Most people dream of fancy cars and expensive homes, but my mother literally dreams of simply being comfortable in her home especially when the seasons change to extreme temperatures. Thanks

Now, your turn to vote and make someone's life a lot more comfortable.

One vote per person.

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