Imagine qualifying for the Olympics only to discover that you have no facility in which to practice.

That is the reality for Acadiana's Special Olympics volleyball team: they are to compete in the USA Games but have no practice facility.

According to KLFY TV10, the USA Games don't take place until June, but the volleyball team needs to start practicing now so that they will be ready for the competition.

The 2022 Special Olympics USA Games brings over 5,500 Olympians and coaches together to compete in various sports. According to the Special Olympics website, it takes around 20,000 volunteers to put on the games, which will see around 125,000 fans in attendance.

Special Olympics encourages all of us to celebrate the Olympians' dedication and perseverance and, by doing so, "we become champions for a more inclusive world".

For our local Olympians, though, we need to put our heads together to help them find a practice facility. Without a good bit of practice, their chances of doing well during the games in Orlando are greatly diminished.

The story from KLFY mentions that Special Olympics has liability insurance, so if you have a facility in which the team can practice, don't let the worry of liability stop you from opening your heart and your doors for them to practice.

Even if you have a place that they can only use temporarily, any time spent practicing will benefit the team and, in the long run, all of us.

Any thoughts of where these athletes can practice?

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