Welcome to hell! Or should I say the end of the world? Or both? American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the crossover between Seasons 1 and 3, will imagine what life would look like once the world ends, and the first trailer is freaky as heck and simply out of its dang mind.

After a little tease of footage last night, the full trailer has arrived to reveal a bunch more. In it, doomsday has come and a handful of the survivors are shuffled into an eerie wooden safe house called Outpost 3 to avoid radiation – worth noting that before the new season was announced as a Murder House and Coven crossover it was rumored to be titled Radioactive. Sarah Paulson, playing three roles this year, introduces us to her new character, Venable, who runs the facility. Then things get super nutty.

Cody Fern looks to be doing his best Paul-Dano-in-There-Will-Be-Blood as the grown-up Michael Langdon, aka the Antichrist. Kathy Bates is back as a new character named Ms, Meade who’s praising Satan with him. Evan Peters’ new character, a hairdresser related to Joan Collins’ character, is getting whipped by Bates – wait are we sure this isn’t Delphine LaLaurie again? Last we saw she was sent straight to hell so…

Also the Coven witches are back and the Rubber Man has returned (is that Tate inside?). Like I said, Apocalypse looks insane, not to mention kind of confusing since multiple actors will be playing multiple roles. Paulson is Cordelia, but she's also Billie Dean Howard and this new Venable woman. It might prove tough for even diehard fans to follow along. But the real question: where the heck is Jessica Lange?? Give me Constance now please.

Hopefully we’ll find out when all the madness ensues and AHS: Apocalypse premieres on September 12.

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