I went to see the movie "Gravity" last night with my buddy Matt, and to review the movie in two words:  very riveting!Let me start by saying that I find Sandra Bullock very talented.  I don't know of one movie of hers that I didn't like her performance.  (Actually, she could be standing in a train station wearing a burlap sack and I would be impressed with her performance).  With that being said, I feel that she was awesome in the movie.

George Clooney could be dressed as a trash can in the same train station, and I think he'd be awesome, too.  So in my brain, this movie was going to be a hit no matter what.

There was some action (though not the "person-on-person" violence that so many movies are featuring), some humor, some lots of suspense, and a surprise (that not many of us in the theater were expecting!).

I won't do to you what the couple in the doctor's office did to me (they were openly talking about the movie, revealing some "spoilers", not realizing that the people sitting around them might not have seen the movie yet), and not mention any more about what happens in the movie.  I will tell you that it is about a mission to a satellite for repairs, and a problem is encountered, and then Sandra Bullock cries a little bit.

The cinematography was great (be CERTAIN to see it in 3-D!!), the acting was great, the storyline was decent - overall, I give it two thumbs up!!

Here's the trailer for the movie....  go see it before it's gone from the theater, you'll want to see it in 3-D!!

(Via Youtube)

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