A UNO Research Center survey indicates a 56% job approval rating for Governor John Bel Edwards. The random poll of 755 respondents asked participants to rate his job performance and questions about COVID-19.

“People generally feel he’s doing a good job and that’s he done very well in receiving crossover support from Republicans. We’ve seen this in elections and previous studies on his job approval,” said Research Center Director, Professor Ed Chervenak.

Chervenak says 67% of respondents feel COVID is a serious problem and that is proportionate with Edwards job approval rating.

“It is probably the biggest influence on his approval rating. If you feel it’s a problem, then you overwhelmingly approve of his job. If you don’t feel it is a serious problem you overwhelmingly disapprove,” said Chervenak.

A gender gap is present in the job approval ratings of the Democratic governor. Half of the males surveyed favored the governor’s job performance while 61% of females approved. Chervenak says nationally women tend to vote democrat.

“We typically see a gender gap between democrats and republicans. I’m not surprised to see that even though we are a relatively conservative Republican state,” said Chervenak.

The survey was conducted on October 22.




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