Sometimes in life, the person we need to meet up with the most happens to be there just when we need them, and that is the situation as a crime was unfolding in Woodland, California.

Officials with the police department say a man who was down on his luck and struggling to make ends meet did something rash, but thankfully his former neighbor was there to help him. No one got hurt during the situation.

Inflation is making very hold for most families to pay their bills. Right now, there is too much month at the end of our paycheck.

43-year-old Eduardo Placensia was having a terrible day. He was so desperate and depressed he pulled his shirt over his face and approached the teller. Placensia handed a note to the woman describing how he had a bomb, and if he didn't get money, he was going to blow the bank up.

Around this time, unbeknownst to Placensia, his neighbor 69-year-old Michael Armus Jr. had walked into the Bank of the West to conduct some banking, and he saw Eduardo. He saw the pinched expression on his forehead, and the shirt over his nose, and realized something was terribly wrong.

He decided to approach him, and he said to him, "What's wrong, you don't have a job?" Placensia responded, "There's nothing in this town for me. Nothing in this town for me. I just want to go to prison".

Armus Jr. also told Good Morning America he took Placensia outside and gave him a gun. The man started to cry. Thankfully no one was hurt as Placensia had no weapon and no bomb on him. The Woodland Police Department showed up to take Placensia into custody for armed robbery.

Armus Jr. used the weapon of empathy and caring to diffuse this situation. His love showed through his words and a hug to stop any violence.

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