A Lake Charles resident who evacuated to Slidell, Louisiana was overcome with emotion when a man walked up and did the unthinkable. Cynthia Bright says she was with her sister-in-law at a Sam's Club store and was looking at generators. That's when a man walked up and did something so nice that she will probably never forget it.

...he says, oh you're from Lake Charles and I said yes sir and he says "why don't you let me buy you one?" I said excuse me? And he said "I tell you what...let me buy you 2...one for you and one for your parents"... Then he says "I'll get you 2 generators and 2 window AC units"....

Bright says in a Facebook post that she was overcome with emotion and started crying. The man, who has since been identified as Curtis Gray, said he was from Grace Fellowship Church in Slidell. He asked her to remember the "love of Jesus" when she uses the generator and air conditioner.

The emotional story has been shared all over social media and it caught our eye (which is not a teary eye) early this morning. More than 1,500 comments on the Facebook post calls this the 'ultimate testimony'. Thank you to all of the kind people out there who continue to make this troubling time bearable for those who are hardest-hit.

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