Good, rainy Wednesday morning to you Sugahs.  Today Jenn and I have a great show planned for you on 99.9 KTDY.  The KTDY/Aire Serv of Lafayette Secret Sound is up to $990.00.  We will play at 7:20 AM this morning.  Plus Jenn will give away a mammogram, including some awesome "boobie" prizes at  9:20 AM.  This morning the rain will be gone by noon, bringing cooler, dryer air.  By this afternoon, breezy and cooler, 75.  53 degrees tonight.


226 years ago - In 1793, Queen Marie Antoinette was beheaded.  She supposedly said, "Let them eat cake" when her subjects were dying from starvation.  Historians believe she never said that.

103 years ago - In 1916, The first birth control clinic opened in New York City.

96 years ago - In 1923, Walt Disney founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio with his brother Roy Disney.

47 years ago - In 1972, Loretta Lynn became the first woman to win the CMA's most prestigious honor, Entertainer of the year.  Loretta had been a Grand Ole Opry member since 1962.  (And if she pulled up on her tour bus and asked me to go with her, I wouldn't look back.  I'd call the kids from the bus.)

43 years ago - In 1976, "Disco Duck", by Rick Dees and his Cast of Idiots reached number one on the "Billboard" charts.  The radio station he worked at would not let him play it.

41 years ago - In 1978, the College of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church chose Cardinal Karol Wojtyla to be the new Pope.  He was the first non-Italian Pope in over 400 years.  He died in 2005.

32 years ago - In 1987, rescuers in Midland, Texas, pulled 18-month-old Baby Jessica out of the well she'd fallen into 58 hours earlier.  When she turned 25, "Baby" Jessica gained access to the $800,000 trust, funded by complete strangers from around the world.  Adult Jessica has no memory of the ordeal.  Rescue worker Robert O'Donnell committed suicide in 1995 because he couldn't handle the stress of the entire rescue mission.

24 years ago - In 1995, The "Million Man March" led by the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, took place in Washington D. C.

22 years ago - In 1997, Mrs. Roper on "Three's Company", Audra Lindley, died at the age of 79 due to complications from leukemia.

17 years ago - In 2002, George W. Bush signed the Congressional resolution authorizing the military use of force against Iraq.



John Mayer is 42.

Kellie Martin is 44.

Wendy Wilson is 50.

Pamela Bach is 56.

Tim Robbins is 61.

Bob Weir is 72.

Suzanne Somers is 73.

Fred Turner is 76.

Angela Lansbury is 94.


Sports Day 

Boss's Day 

Global Cat Day 

Fossil Day 

Take Your Parents To Lunch Day 

Bra Day USA 

Dictionary Day 

Liqueur Day 

Medical Assistant's Recognition Day 

Hagfish Day 

Department Store Day 

Support Your Local Chamber Of Commerce Day


• 15 days until Halloween

• 18 days until Daylight Saving Time Ends


Today:  90% chance for rain early, 75.

Tonight:  Cloudy and cool, 53.

Thursday:  Partly Cloudy, 71.

Friday:  20% chance for rain, 77.

Saturday:  50% chance for rain, 81.

Sunday:  10% chance for rain, 83.

Have a great Wednesday!


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