A lump of volcanic rock was discovered in Brazil and it looks just like the Sesame Street Character, Cookie Monster. The rock was recovered from the Rio Grande dol sul region near Soledade in Brazile. The rock has two parts that combine to create an egg shape. When you open it where it is split in half, the blue quartz crystals look exactly like Cookie Monster. The rock has a hole just where the mouth would be and two white circles on top with holes that look just like Cookie Monster’s eyes. Crazy, right? It’s super unusual, which is why the rock could be worth as much as $10,000, according to Daily Mail.

A geologist by the name of Mike Bowers from California had the lucky find. He said he has received offers of at least $10,000 for the rock so far, but I bet that amount will continue to grow because of its rarity.

Bowers uploaded a video of the rock and used the Sesame Street music. He used the song where Cookie Monster signs about the letter C. Perfect song choice.

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