Disgruntled Game of Thrones fans are now taking their protests to the skies.

Michael Crowe, a reporter for King 5 News in Seattle, spotted an airplane pulling a banner behind it on Wednesday (May 22) and reported his findings via Twitter. "Somebody is flying a plane over Seattle right now dragging a banner that reads 'Someone rewrite Game of Thrones Season 8 plz,'" he wrote.

The aerial display is the latest form of protest from fans mad at how the show's eighth and final season went down. Before the series finale even took place on May 19, a particularly angry fan started a petition titled "Remake Game Of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers," which received more than a million signatures.

Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark in GoT, was not impressed with the fan's actions.

“All of these petitions and things like that—I think it’s disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers who have worked tirelessly over 10 years, and for 11 months shooting the last season," she said during an interview with The New York Times. “Like 50-something night shoots. So many people worked so, so hard on it, and for people to just rubbish it because it’s not what they want to see is just disrespectful."

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