Have you heard of Friendsgiving before?

This is a concept that I personally love. It not only gives me a reason to spend time with my friends but it allows those who may not have family around them to still take part in the Thanksgiving festivities.

Now there is no real date for when this day is celebrated since it isn’t technically a holiday. However, according to Google “Friendsgiving” can be celebrated on Thursday, November 18, 2021. I have been seeing A LOT of people on social media who have already started celebrating this creative new holiday.

So where did this holiday come from?

A lot of people are crediting the TV show Friends with introducing this concept to the world. No matter how people got the idea it took off and became so popular that in January of 2020 Merriam-Webster actually added the word to the dictionary.

What is the menu like for a Friendsgiving celebration?

The menu for Friendsgiving is similar to a regular Thanksgiving dinner. There is typically a Turkey, cranberry sauce, mac n cheese, stuffing, salad, and a dessert or several. Living in South Louisiana there is never a shortage of food at our holiday events so you are bound to see some Boudin, maybe a gumbo, something wrapped in bacon, a green bean casserole, and maybe even a few pies. Typically for a Friendsgiving feast, everyone who is invited will bring a dish or two so the responsibility doesn’t fall on one person.

Now you can go all out like these people did with their Friendsgiving celebrations:


Or if you are looking to have a more stress-free Friendsgiving celebration, Lauren Conrad has some great tips for you.

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