Former Texas Police Chief Jason Collier is opening up in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil.

You may remember Collier from his insane cheating scandal that unfolded publicly earlier this year after he was outed by one of his mistresses on social media.

Although there isn't much denying what Collier did that led to him losing his job as police chief of Stinnett, Texas, and ultimately getting arrested, he wants people to know "he’s not the monster that people are making him out to be."

Collier's interview will air Tuesday and Wednesday this week where he will speak out firsthand about the "triple life" he was living when he was cheating on his wife with at least six other women.

Cecily Steinmetz was one of Collier's alleged girlfriends and the whistleblower that shared the story of their affair that ultimately went viral on Facebook. In a Dr. Phil clip, Steinmetz revealed that she confronted Collier after a friend revealed that she was friends with his wife. Collier deflected by saying he was going through a divorce. He even showed her an annulment.

Steinmetz said she made a public records request, and that's when she realized it was a fake document.

Her story set off a firestorm that sparked an investigation, leading to Collier's resignation, then his arrest. If that wasn't enough, more women continued to come forward.

Fast forward to today and Collier is telling his story with Dr. Phil. He detailed his marriage with Opal, someone he admits he met while still married to his previous wife. He went on to tell Dr. Phil he believed that his wife being the breadwinner led to him feeling "less than."

That's what Collier said led him to create a public dating profile. He reveals that he didn't feel like he was getting the respect or the attention he deserved at home which led him to seek those things outside of his marriage. He says that in the back of his mind he thought someone could recognize him, but he wasn't afraid.

Instead, he tried to keep "a distance." With six girlfriends, Collier would also have to keep a tight schedule. He admits that he would spend his entire days talking to the women starting at 4 a.m. and would sometimes visit their towns for a meal or shopping.

Collier also told Dr. Phil that he never actually proposed to any of the women when he was asked about it.

We would talk about marriage issues and things, but actually coming out and saying, ‘Will you marry me?’ I don’t remember asking. I know I never said that to anybody in person. We might have been jokingly saying that in a text,

But perhaps the most shocking new revelation was when Collier admitted that even when Cecily found out, he still managed to have his wife Opal convinced that his "affair" with her was all part of his "undercover" police work.

The entire story is worth the watch and you can see the entire preview in the clip below. Does this change your attitude about the former Texas police chief's scandal?

Check the interview and let us know!

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