CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) — Oregon State’s board of trustees placed president F. King Alexander on an over 10-week long probation for his role in handling sexual misconduct complaints while he was at LSU.

Alexander is accused of being aware of allegations against former coach Les Miles, but failing to act. Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow said probation is a surprisingly light sentence.

“I do not know what they expect will be different, unless they are waiting to see what our additional findings may be that tie him to having a knowledge of what was happening at LSU,” said Barrow, a member of the Louisiana Select Committee on Women and Children, the legislative committee spearheading hearings seeking more information about the LSU scandal. A report commissioned by the LSU board found there was a “serious institutional failure” in the school’s handling of Title IX cases during Alexander’s tenure.

After a seven-hour meeting Wednesday night, the board ordered Alexander to come up with an “action plan” outlining plans to regain the trust of his campus. OSU students and the OSU staff union said Alexander’s tenure at LSU proves he’s more concerned with athletics than student safety. Alexander apologized and said he accepts ultimate responsibility, but also that budget cuts hampered Title Nine compliance.

Alexander’s probation and multi-week suspensions to two LSU athletic administrators have been the only punishments meted out as a result of the report. Barrow said that’s not good enough.

“We are not accepting the status quo as it seemingly has been in the past as being a response,” said Barrow.

Barrow said the reoccurring message that the mishandling of these situations was the result of a lack of written policy won’t deter lawmakers from calling for more punitive action.

“As we continue to learn more then we are going to be asking that individuals be held accountable,” said Barrow.

Alexander served at LSU from July 2013 through 2019 and took the same position at Oregon State in 2020.

The Louisiana Select Committee on Women and Children will meet again next Friday.

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