The former mayor of the Louisiana town of Jeanerette has been arrested, again. Aprill Foulcard was arrested by police in Iberia Parish on Sunday. The charges levied against Foulcard involve theft and bank fraud.

Foulcard is no stranger to trouble with the law. She served as Mayor of Jeanerette from 2014 until 2018. However, this is Foulcard's third arrest over the past five years. The current charges were levied against Foulcard over the weekend when she allegedly attempted to withdraw $10,000 from an account that she was not authorized to withdraw funds from.

Foulcard's earlier arrests came in 2018 when she was charged with Medicaid fraud. Those charges were brought in East Baton Rouge Parish. She was also arrested in 2020 by Louisiana State Police after charges of malfeasance in office were levied against her.

The malfeasance charges against Foulcard were related to past city audits during her time as Mayor of Jeanerette. Foulcard was booked on five counts of malfeasance in office as a result of those audits and subsequent investigation.

The Medicaid fraud charges stem from an incident in 2018 in which Foulcard, her brother, Berwick Francis, and other family members were indicted in a Baton Rouge court. JABA Enterprises, a company owned by Foulcard's family was also implicated in those charges.

Jeanerette is located in Iberia Parish. As of 2010, the United States Census estimated that the town had a population of 5,530 people.

As of late Sunday evening, jail records showed that Foulcard was no longer incarcerated. This is a developing story and more information on the latest charges made against Foulcard is expected later today.

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