Iota Police have announced the arrest of a former officer. Details about the arrest of former officer Bryce Ewing were posted on the Iota Police Department Facebook page.

The charges against Ewing appear to stem from a traffic stop where Ewing was pulled over by a current member of the Iota Police Department. It's alleged that Ewing then followed that officer around town and made threats against him.

In the post on Facebook Iota Police Chief Damon Daigle said,

No individual whether a current or former police officer will be allowed to threaten, intimidate, or harass an on-duty or off-duty police officer.

Chief Daigle suggested that threats made by Ewing were taken very seriously because of his background as a former law enforcement officer. But the Chief did go on to imply that all threats, especially those against peace officers, are treated as serious matters.

It is because Ewing allegedly made threats against a member of law enforcement that hate crime charges have been added to the charges of stalking. Ewing was dismissed from the Iota police force about two years ago.


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