The stand-alone Capital One branch in north Lafayette that closed earlier this year has been sold and we now know what's moving in.

According to The Acadiana Advocate, the building will be converted into an urgent care clinic and doctor's office.

Court records show that Baton Rouge-based 4 Gals LLC, represented by invest Michael DiVincenti Jr., purchased the building located at 3105 Louisiana Avenue, for $1.45 million from Capital One National Association.

DiVincenti's group will in turn lease the building to Premier Health and Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center. According to reports, they will use the main building for the office while a smaller building will be built on the property for the urgent care clinic.

While urgent care clinics seem to be popping up on every corner these days, the reality is there is a lack of one in north Lafayette. According to The Acadiana Advocate, this urgent care clinic will be the first of its kind in north Lafayette and east of the Evangeline Thruway.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is the second former Capital One location to be sold in recent weeks. Houma-based South Louisiana Bank bought the south Lafayette location at 3527 W. Pinhook Road.

Capital One closed that office years ago as part of a move to reduce its footprint across the country. There are currently only two Capital One branches left in Lafayette -- 3838 W Congress St & 4416 Ambassador Caffery.

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