The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue did something really special for one of their firefighters that is in isolation because of coronavirus. The department shared a video on its Facebook page of the very touching moment. They organized a surprise for their firefighter so he wouldn’t feel alone and to lift his spirits while he was recovering from COVID-19.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Facebook
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Facebook


The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s video shows a fire truck from Station 36 arriving at Kendall Regional Medical Center as firefighters organize their plan on how to deliver their greetings. The firefighters used the firetruck ladder to get to the window of his room on the fourth floor to deliver their personalized ‘Get Well Soon’ cards. As one was on the ladder, many others were on the ground to give their friend and colleague well wishes.


The firefighter in the hospital, who wasn’t named, is heard in the video saying, “This is love. This is the only kind of love you can get from the brother and sisterhood at the firehouse," "There is just no other way to explain how this makes me feel."


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