A simple act of kindness goes a long way. We’re all busy and caught up in our own worlds, but to take a moment and go out of your way to help someone is what makes the world a better place. That’s exactly what Melvin J. Marlett did. And he didn't do it to seek praise, as he didn’t think anyone was watching. The FedEx driver went above and beyond to help someone while on his routine delivery route. A Michigan resident and kindergarten teacher, Jodi LaFreniere, was away from her home when the good deed happened. She has a doorbell security camera that is motion activated and she received a notification text on her cell phone that someone was near her door. When she saw the FedEx driver on the security footage, she just assumed he would put the package at the door and leave. But, he didn’t. He noticed all the snow on the front porch, grabbed a shovel, and started clearing away the snow. LaFreniere couldn’t believe it and immediately started to share it with her coworkers.

Naturally, after LaFreniere shared the video on her Facebook page it went viral. Her post read, "Shout out to this guy! He shoveled my stoop while I was gone." The delivery driver has reportedly been with FedEx for 23 years. What a great employee. What a great human. We need to share stories like these in hopes to generate more simple acts of kindness. 

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