I was lucky enough to attend game 7 in the semi-final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and was proud to hear the fans sing along during our National Anthem.

I decided to take a few vacation days leading up to the Memorial Day weekend, and flew to Pittsburgh.  While there, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the game!

The Consol Energy Center arena is about the size of the New Orleans Arena, and it was incredible to hear the crowd sing along with our National Anthem.

When I asked about the singer, it seemed that everyone around us knew exactly who he was, and they were quite proud of him.

A quick search brought up his fan page on the Penguins' website. Jeff Jimerson has been singing at the Penguins' games for over 20 years!

As a side note: it took everything I had to record this video.  I think that this was the first time, ever, that I didn't stand at attention with my gaze fixed upon our Flag during our National Anthem.  In retrospect, I am glad that I recorded it, as this was the best moment of the game!  (Don't get me wrong, there were great goals, saves, and the Pens won, but all of that pales in comparison to respecting our nation.)


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