Money hungry? More like just hungry.

Surveillance cameras captured a man breaking into a suburban Washington, D.C. Five Guys and apparently cooking a hamburger for himself.

The break-in occurred on March 18 in the wee hours of the morning. The suspect helped himself to a drink from the soda fountain before he cranked on the grill and decided to play chef in a most curious culinary crime. He's even spotted throwing a few buns on the grill, as well (although it's not totally clear if he's cooking burgers) and didn't appear to take any cash.

Eventually, the man left with a bottle of water, no doubt having worked up a thirst from all that cooking. Of course, you can't help but wonder why the suspect went through all this trouble. If he was jonesing for a burger that badly, he could've hit an all-night diner or waited until afternoon to get some Five Guys.

Then again, maybe he just didn't have enough money. If  that's the case, he should probably get a job flipping burgers.

Authorities are still looking for the man and anyone who provides a tip that helps arrest the man can get a reward of up to $1,000, which will get you a lot of hamburgers.

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