I used Facebook Marketplace to sell something today, and it was easy-peasy!

I've used eBay in the past and, while it has its advantages, selling locally was really easy. I posted the items I have for sale, received a message, agreed on a time/place to meet, and then exchanged the goods for cash.

The advantages to selling on eBay are great: a larger audience/market, vetted buyers/sellers, eBay will help when there are issues with the sale/product, more security.

Disadvantages to eBay: shipping. I don't like wrapping Christmas presents, so do you think I like packing up things to ship? Nope!

Disadvantages to selling on Facebook include a smaller audience/market, more people backing out of the sale after a price is agreed upon, no recourse for products that aren't "as advertised", and (this is a big one) security. If you will be selling on Facebook, meet the buyer at a public place WITH SECURITY CAMERAS. Also, try to find one of the bill verify pens so you don't take any wooden nickels.

Orlando was my first customer, and he is now the proud owner of 2 Pioneer speakers that I first purchased in Germany while I was in the service. Orlando, I hope that they play you as much great music as they have for me!


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