A multi-parish high-speed chase ended with a vehicle crashing outside the Bank of Sunset and Trust Company.

The bank, located in Sunset on Napolean Avenue, had damage to a pillar outside of the building and a nearby telephone pole was also knocked over.

According to KATC, Sunset Police provided very few details, but one eyewitness was caught in the middle of all of the action and managed to capture the aftermath on video.


Rell Thomas says he was in the Sunset area to get crawfish at a nearby store. While he was in the store, a police officer entered the business. Thomas said he could see the officer's body language shift when, all of a sudden, he ran out of the store.

Not long after the officer rushed off, Thomas heard sirens as he waited outside for his crawfish order. The sounds of the sirens got closer and closer before Thomas saw a flatbed truck fly into his line of sight doing "at least 100 mph."


Thomas said the truck bounced off a car, hit a telephone pole, then hit the bank where a man wearing a backpack allegedly hopped out and began to run away.

Everyone who witnessed the crash ending of the chase was reportedly shocked at just how quickly it all happened. Thomas believes that he would have pulled right into the accident if it wasn't for his crawfish order. He says some of the people around him were still shaken up when he left the scene.

According to police, the suspect in the pursuit was injured and taken to a local hospital and not many other details related to the pursuit were shared publicly.

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