Do you remember this post about the young man who made a movie 'trailer' to propose to his girlfriend?  Or this one, about the mural proposal? Though STILL not a fan of marriage (nor flat tires, illness, long lines, the IRS or smoking), I am a fan of people going to extremes to propose to their Sig-O's.

Photo of subject of video

This guy, ladies and gents, goes to the extreme.  He has people gather on a rooftop, and then he stands on the edge of the roof (to get some height to address the gathered), and says "I have an important question to ask Girl X (or whatever her name is). Girl X shows a look of surprise (and a bit of anticipation).   Then he says to his best friend "Boy X, the ring please".  Well, when Boy X tosses the ring, his aim was less than expert:  the ring goes over the edge, and while trying to catch it, the proposer loses his balance and falls off of the roof.  All caught on video.

As lagniappe, thrown in right after the proposal, a bear with a good grip, and a baby who's awake... no it's not.. yes it is... no, it's sleeping again... you'll see, just watch!

Which raises the question: What's the coolest/most extreme/most disastrous marriage proposal you've heard of or witnessed?

[Via AOLVideo]