Choose the right cut of meat- New York Strip Steaks feature a long marbled cut of meat with a strip of fat along the side. T-Bones and Porterhouses represent the bigger cuts of steak, they have plenty of marbled, tender meat throughout.

Choose the right quality of meat- Purchase beef that is bright red in color, signifying a level of freshness, and there shouldn't be much juice floating around the package. The meat should be firm to the touch.

Benefits of charcoal- use natural hardwood charcoal. Don’t use lighter fluid; it defeats the purpose of using hardwood charcoal. You want to smell the steak roasting over the coals. Always start off on a hot spot. You want good color and flavor from the high heat. When you flip it, don’t put it down on the same spot as before — it will be cooler. Find another hot spot to continue getting good color and flavor.

How and when to season meat- take the steaks out 20 minutes before seasoning and let them get to room temperature. Steaks at room temperature take seasoning better and cook faster. Season steaks 15 min before putting them on the grill. Use sea salt and other Cajun spices to bring out the natural juicy flavors!

Watch the video to see the wide fresh selection of meat, great selection of wine and liquor, and floral department. The video also shows the cleanliness and wide variety Piggly Wiggly offers their customers.

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