A Level II Endangered/Missing Child Advisory is going out by State Police for the Vidalia Police Department as they are conducting a search for a 17-year-old autistic teen by the name of Shanon Robb as he could have a weapon on him.

According to the press release by Trooper Michael Reichardt at Louisiana State Police, Robb's parents reported him missing today. They say they have footage of him on their home's surveillance camera leaving his parent's home at around 3:30 this morning.

The white male, who is about five feet, eight inches tall, was seen on the footage heading down Louisiana Highway 131 in Vidalia on feet in a westward direction. The teen's home is located on Linden Street. He left there and head out on the highway.

Robb was wearing a cowboy hat along with cowboy boots when he was picked up on the surveillance camera. All he was seen leaving the house with early this morning was a black duffel bag.

If you know anything concerning the whereabouts of Shanon Robb, please call officials with the Vidalia Police Department. Their phone number is 318-336-5254.


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