Surrey Street Bridge (Google Maps)
Surrey Street Bridge (Google Maps)

The Lafayette Consolidated Government's Public Works Department has issued an emergency road closure.

The Vermilion River Bridge on Surrey Street between East Pinhook Road and the Evangeline Thruway is closed for emergency repairs, until further notice.


PROJECT:              Surrey St. Bridge crossing the Vermilion River


LOCATION:            Surrey St. Bridge between E Pinhook Rd and Evangeline Thruway (US Hwy 90)


DATE:                   Effective Immediately, Closed indefinitely


CONTACT:             Alison Lognion 337-291-8522Mark B.


Dubroc, Director of Public Works, announced today that the Surrey St. Bridge crossing the Vermilion River will be closed indefinitely until further notice for emergency repairs.


Appropriate detour routes have been established.

Please be aware of this closure and plan accordingly.

(LCG, Google Maps)

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