Son of a nutcracker! There is now a “Elf” themed hotel suite for all of you Elf fans. That alone would be a good enough reason to make a trip to Rochester, Michigan. It’s only available through January 31st so you better book it now.  The Royal Park Hotel in Rochester created the holiday suite inspired by the popular 2003 Christmas movie to donate part of the proceeds to the Big Bright Light Show in downtown Rochester.

ARISING IMAGES Royal Park Hotel Facebook
Royal Park Hotel Facebook

The suite features a king size bed, sleeps up to three and looks like Will Ferrell decorated it himself. Paper snowflakes cover the ceiling and Buddy’s favorite things are sprinkled around everywhere.

Sarah Osbourn, Marketing and Communications Manager at Royal Park, told MLive that they work closely with the Salvation Army and wanted to create an experience suite for them and came up with the Gingerbread Suite. From there, they decided to do a themed suite for downtown Rochester and came up with the “Elf Suite”. I love how this hotel supports their local community.

The Royal Park Hotel is a owned by a local family and was built in 2004. It is a luxury hotel with marble-tiled floor and chandeliers made of hand-blown Murano glass from Italy. It’s beautiful and they have paid attention to every detail.

The movie ‘Elf’ has given us all a little more laughter and Christmas spirit in our lives. Why not get more of it and in real life by staying the night at The Royal Hotel’s “Elf Suite”. An overnight stay starts at $499.

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