Sometimes all that you need in life is a good neighbor.

Latoria Gibson posted an emotional story on social media and it shows her husband with their elderly neighbor.

As snow and ice began to build up on their neighbor's steps, they went over to ice down the steps and sidewalks for their neighbor so that she would not fall on the slippery surfaces.

Well, while they were there assisting their neighbor, their 91-year-old neighbor thanked them for coming over and then informed them that she missed them.

You see the couple recently went on vacation and they did not tell their neighbor that they'd be gone for a lengthy period, so when they returned the elderly woman was so happy to see them.

Mrs. Gibson says that when her neighbor informed them that she missed them, she broke down in tears and promised to never leave again without informing her.

The moral of this story is you often impact people that you may not be aware of. These neighbors are more than neighbors, they're family and that's how it should be in every neighborhood.

If you want to share some cheer today, share this story with others on social media, and perhaps this will inspire someone to be like this family.

What a great story about such great people.


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