The Current reached out to its readers in Lafayette Parish and asked them which issues they feel candidates should be talking about this election cycle.

Chris Blanchard via YouTube
Chris Blanchard via YouTube

Called Community Agenda 2019, The Current then presented the candidates with a list of the issues, with questions pertaining to each issue. Candidates had a few weeks to respond with answers before they were published. Not all of the candidates responded though The Current says that, if the candidates do respond prior to the election, the answers will get published.


The issues most important to (those who responded to the questionnaire in) Acadiana:

  • Drainage 39% 

  • Infrastructure 25% 

  • Economic Development 22% 

  • Budget/Taxation 20% 

  • Community Development 17% 

  • Education 14% 

  • Land Use 12% 

  • Accessible Transportation 10% 

  • Public Safety 10% 

  • Transparency 8.5%     

I, for one, am glad that there are media outlets that are presenting the issues to the candidates in forums that allow the candidates to declare their position on those issues. Now I just hope that voters will educate themselves not just on the issues, but on the candidates themselves.

Voters, do some research. Don't vote for a name. Don't vote for a party. Don't vote for a face. Vote on the issues. Put your vote on the candidate that will get things done.


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