Ragin' Cajuns Baseball is ushering in a new era with the introduction of head coach Matt Deggs. Another question most of us have had is, what happens to the assistants within the program with the new hire?

Anthony Babineaux has been with this program a very long time and last season moved into a new role focused on off the field duties. He retained the title of Associate Head Coach but added the title of Director of Player and Program Development.

Jeremy Talbot assistant coach, coached first and recruiting specialist for the program.

Jake Wells assistant and hitting coach, also coached third base last season in his first year at UL.

What is going to be interesting to watch is how the offensive philosophies meld between Jake Wells and Deggs. When Deggs was here the first time around he was the hitting guy, from what I've heard is that both guys have a similar approach, hopefully, it'll come to fruition in 2020 with this program.

In addition, who is going to coach pitching? Will there be a volunteer assistant who will be a pitching guy? Time will tell...


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