The Downtown Lafayette Gateway Sign will be dedicated today, August 24, 2016, at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Cypress Street. This new gateway will greet visitors as they enter Downtown from the underpass. The dedication will take place at 4PM.

From Downtown Lafayette:


The gateway was designed by Geoff Dyer, Director of Design for Downtown Lafayette and has been in the works for three years thanks to joint funding from Downtown Development Authority, Downtown Lafayette Unlimited, Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission and Lafayette Consolidated Government. Not only was the project funded locally, but it was also fabricated locally through Begnaud Manufacturing, AAA Signs and Garden City Contracting.

The sign is a metal engineering feat featuring large, thick metal beams bent by a local specialty metal company, the only one in the state capable of bending such big metal pieces. The sign will be illuminated by neon and will also feature back-lit panels at the bases that feature event banners or rotating artwork.

“Gateways in general are something that Lafayette needs to improve. We’re hoping by taking this grand, first step that other areas of town will follow suit and invest on creating a sense of place by welcoming everyone into our community,” said Kate Durio, Director of Marketing for Downtown Lafayette. “This particular location for the gateway was selected because of its visibility from the Thruway and future I-49 Connector as well as passengers arriving at Rosa Parks from LTS, Amtrak or Greyhound. “