Downtown Lafayette continues to work to attract new businesses to the area even in the middle of a pandemic.

Anita Begnaud is the CEO of the Downtown Development Authority and Downtown Lafayette Unlimited. When she joined us on the morning show today, she says that even in 2020, there were close to twenty businesses who decided to locate in downtown Lafayette.

There are now a variety of different types of businesses that have located in downtown Lafayette including a grocery store, several more restaurants, a wine shop, a record store, a book store and even a skate store. Begnaud says the downtown area truly does offer something for everyone in your entire family.

Over the next year, construction will begin on one bedroom apartments in the now cleared out old federal courthouse. Begnaud says the developers know that many young professionals want these spaces as they plan to move to downtown Lafayette to be able to work, play and live in one single area. She adds that tech companies find these types of settings perfect for their employees' needs.

In addition to all of the new businesses that have moved to downtown Lafayette, there are plenty of established retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues that offer a well-rounded experience for those who will consider living in the area.

The future is hopeful for the area according to Begnaud, and they are thankful to the businesses who decided to take the risk to open during a pandemic. She says their group is extremely confidant that with the acquisition of the Don's Seafood property in downtown, that before long, the area will have even more to offer to Lafayette.

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