We've mentioned this in the past, but it's worth posting again as there is another push for YOU to get scammed.

I saw a friend post the "Lowe's $150 Coupon" link on their Facebook page today, and within 10 minutes I noticed that at least 4 of his friends had shared his post. What's wrong with wanting to help people save $150 at Lowe's? Absolutely nothing! What's wrong with helping spread the chances of someone getting scammed? EVERYTHING!


The "coupon", once you click on it, gives you instructions to follow on how to redeem: the first task, of course, is to "Share" the coupon on your timeline. Then, you must give them some information (the questions vary: some ask for an email address, name, phone number, etc; others go straight for your credit card information).

The reason scammers continue to put out these scams is because they work: someone will be gullible enough to believe that by simply sharing a Facebook link they will be rewarded with a $150 coupon from Lowe's (or any company, for that matter).

Grandpa's advice is still the best to follow: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.



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