Some good news, finally. We are always happy when people do the right thing, and this story really put a smile on my face this morning. A 4-year-old Boston Terrier named Stella has been recovered after a very scary incident in Uptown New Orleans on Monday.

Ms Georgia Wilson was picking up her 14 year old daughter from soccer practice at the Fly in Audubon Park around 5:30 PM when the unthinkable happened. A guy jumped into her running car and sped off, with Stella still in the vehicle. Well, you can imagine how horrified Georgia was when she realized that not only had she left her keys in the ignition, but the family's beloved pooch was gone as well. The family filed a police report, and took to social media to get help recovering their furry friend. The Humane Society of Louisiana posted photos of Stella on their Facebook page, which you can see below, and offered a reward of $750. Private donations from kind hearted locals quickly bumped the reward up to $1,000.

Enter some local heroes. Donald and Demetrice Woods were driving in the city when they spotted a frightened pup on Wilson Street, and stopped to rescue her. They took the dog home for some food and warmth, and noticed the tag on the collar, which alerted them to call the Wilson family with the good news that their Stella was safe and sound. The dog was reunited with her owners when the Woods took her back to the Wilson residence, where friends and family were eagerly awaiting her arrival. See pictures of the happy reunion from WWL TV, and be thankful that there is still good people in the world, even in today's trying times. No word on whether the vehicle has been found, or who stole it.




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