A friend posted something on her Facebook page today that I thought was worth repeating, because it seems that we have forgotten:

Seeing so many posts today in remembrance of September 11...does anyone remember what happened on September 12?


Do you remember how the country came together for the greater good? How strangers would help each other, pray for and with each other? How the flag was proudly displayed everywhere? People loved each other just because they were human. No labels. No division. People were not so offended by everything. We were proud & we stood for something. We were the UNITED States. Nobody fighting just to hear themselves talk.


As we remember September 11, I pray that people remember how they shared love with everyone after that. I hope I live to see this country come together again for the greater good, for future generations.


I love y'all.

I wish that we could, without tragedy having to strike, come together as a country again.

Kelli, thanks for posting this!





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