Father's Day is this Sunday. What are you getting your Dad? How much though have you put into it? There are several gifts that will tell Dad you're not at all tuned into him.

He won't appreciate a gym membership, even if he needs to get in shape. Don't you DARE give him a tie, socks or underwear. That screams, "I'm just going through the motions."

A recent survey of 1,000 Dads, was published in The Oklahoman. Here's what Dads really want:

#1 A trip. Dads love to "get away from it all."

#2 Tickets to a sporting event

#3 Power tools

#4 A tablet

#5 A watch

#6 Beer

#7 Barbecue equipment.

I have barbecue equipment, a tablet & several watches, not much of a handyman. I have to give my Daughter, Stephanie a lot of credit. She puts a lot of thought into buying me gifts.This past Christmas, she gave me a bluetooth receiver. Now, I can play music from my iphone & tablet on my living room surround sound system.


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