The license of Dixie Cab Taxi Service was revoked on Tuesday night by the Lafayette City-Parish Council after it has been revealed that the business’s owner, Joe Yousef, owes $56,000.00 in Redflex camera tickets. LCG also denied his appeal for an extension.

On this edition of “Lafayette Live,” KPEL’s Bernadette Lee discussed this issue with Lafayette City-Parish Council Chairman Jay Castille, as well as what the future of the Redflex program in Lafayette Parish may entail.

Castille addresses that Yousef will need to either pay the fine or reach a compromise with the city to keep his business going.

Castille also discussed his dissatisfaction with the Redflex program, which began in 2008

“I wasn’t for the program and I’m still not too crazy about it but we’ve got to take care of some issues within our own program on how to go about either collecting the fines or straighten this thing out or get rid of the program altogether. It’s time to do something with the program.”