The last time many patrons of the Dixie Brewery visited that facility was most likely 14 years ago. On Saturday the New Orleans tradition of rebirth will come to Dixie Brewery in the form of a grand opening celebration.

You see, the brewery has been closed in 2005. You might remember a storm named Katrina that rolled through the Big Easy that year, that's the reason the place has been shuttered all these years.

The new Dixie Brewery will feature a lot more than just iconic Dixie Beer, a personal favorite of mine back in my drinking days. The new-look Dixie Brewery boasts a bar, cafe, outdoor space, museum, and games. You could also take a tour and see how the iconic elixir is brewed.

In fact, if you just can't wait here's a little sneak peek video of what you'll find at the new Dixie Brewery.

The hope is that the iconic name and landmark location will once again find favor with tourists who visit New Orleans. After all, a trip to the Crescent City without a walk down Bourbon Street, a beignet from Cafe' du Mond, and a Dixie Beer isn't really a New Orleans visit now is it?

The brewery will have its grand opening Saturday starting at 11 a.m. with live music and a second line.


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