With summer right around the corner many of you may be starting to plan out family vacations. Disney just announced that the most magical place on earth will now cost you more money than in the past.

Since the parks in California and Florida are so popular for families to visit, Disney has adopted pricing that rises during the parks most popular visitation times. This idea is known as "demand pricing," where one-day ticket prices will rise if you visit the parks during a busy season. Depending on when you want to schedule your vacation you will either pay "value", "regular", or "peak" pricing for those days. Looking at the break down of numbers it doesn't seem that the prices have changed too much, a regular one-day ticket before the price increase was $99. Now on "value" days the price will be $95 and on regular days a ticket will cost $105. But we all know that adding or even subtracting a few dollars can make a big difference when it comes to vacations.

The parks busy season is usually in December, around Spring Break, the weekends, and during most of the summer months. Be sure to plan ahead and start budgeting early, you never know you might find a deal out there!