One of the most memorable moments from Stranger Things Season 2 has received the meme treatment it so deserves.

A popular scene from the recently-released and already beloved season (beware of spoilers ahead!) features Chief of Police Jim Hopper dancing while he cleans up the cabin where he and Eleven are staying in secret. If ever there was a scene ripe for a meme, this is... and the internet did not disappoint.

Fans inserted all sorts of music for Hopper to dance to, ranging from classic Wham! to Stranger Things' own theme to the Spice Girls. The magical moment spawned the #DancingHopper hashtag, as well as the Hopper Dancing To Twitter account, which seems to exist solely to feature clips of him dancing to a wide array of music.

See some of the funniest clips below:

David Harbour, who plays Hopper, loves the meme, and even convinced someone to provide some Black Sabbath, proving that he's got some serious social media clout.

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