A cyclist on a group bike ride in New Orleans East is thankful to be alive after he was hit in the lower back by a stray bullet. According to the DailyMail, A bicycle mounted camera caught the whole thing on video. Christopher Weiss was on a bike ride with the Semi Tough riding group when shots rang out. Weiss says at first he thought he was hit with a BB gun.

Luckily, another bike rider was able to care for the wound before an ambulance arrived at the scene. The Daily Mirror reports that he was transported to a local hospital to be treated for soft tissue damage and 'leg mobility issues'. He is expected to make a full recovery. The riding club participants will not move their route despite reports of similar attacks-usually with paintball guns.

New Orleans news station, WVUE shared the following update from a club member's Facebook page:

"We were on Bullard one block from the lake (8-9 riders) when Chris arched his back in pain and came to a stop. Most of us heard concussive sound before Chris got hit. At the time, we couldn't be sure whether it came from a backyard across the street or a truck coming beside us. Chris got hit in his oblique/kidney area. You could see the hole through both layers of his back pocket, bibs, and then skin. Covered and compressed, but still bleeding from a small clear-cut hole."

Weiss later said in a text:

"It was such a nice ride, and a beautiful morning. It's really unfortunate that there are people out there willing to play games with people's lives."


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