According to a story from KATC TV3, a Catholic school in Crowley was closed today after it experienced a break-in overnight.

I don't know what would prompt someone to think it is a good idea to vandalize a property while you are trying to burglarize it. I mean, think about it: wouldn't you want to do the job as quickly and as quietly as possible? In and out. Grab and go. But not this guy: it appears he had a bone to pick with the school, maybe? I am no psychologist or sociologist, but maybe it was a former student who had a bad experience at the school? Or someone who attended a rival school? I'm reaching here, but I guess it's anyone's guess.

The story says that a custodian at St. Michael's School in Crowley discovered the break-in and vandalism, and believes he interrupted the crime.

Police say that the janitor arrived at the school shortly after 5am this morning and found some damage and some blood around the gym. The custodian interrupted the crime, startling the suspect, who dropped everything and ran. He didn't drop the money he stole from the safe in the athletic office, though.

(Wait, did I just say there was blood? Hold on, let me check....  yup. I said that there was some blood. What's that about? Where did the blood come from? Did he sacrifice an animal to some gods while he was there? What it the suspect's blood? I've got questions!)

Police are hoping that they can use some of the items left behind to determine the identity of the suspect.

If you have any information on this crime, call the Crowley Police Department. The Diocese expects the school to be cleaned up and reopened by tomorrow.

By the way: if you were thinking about breaking into a school, vandalizing the gymnasium and cafeteria, and stealing money from the athletic office, don't. Just don't.

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