Will a lawsuit dealing with Drag Queen Story Time be dismissed because of where the plaintiffs live?

Federal Magistrate Patrick Hanna recommends that a federal judge should dismiss the lawsuit, which was filed by three men who sought to prevent the Lafayette Public Library from holding Drag Queen Story Hour at the library last October. The magistrate ruled the men lacked the standing to sue, because they do not live in the parish.

The event was expected to be hosted by the library on October 6. But the event has been postponed indefinitely since the lawsuit was filed Sept. 18.

According to the Advocate, plaintiffs Aaron Guidry, John Gunter and Mark Sevier claimed themselves as taxpayers and as library patrons. But Hanna says Gunter and Sevier do not pay Lafayette Parish property taxes.

Hanna's recommendation is not final, though. The decision will be made by a U.S. District Court judge.